Saturday, April 23, 2011

Slow Start To Spring

If you have been out to take a look at the course you will notice that things are a few weeks behind where they usually are at this time. This is due to cold temperatures, a slow snow melt, and significant flooding. The good news is that warmer temperatures are on their way and the crew is looking forward to getting out on the course to prepare it for opening on May 7. Bridge and cart path repairs will be a major focus of ours in the next 2 weeks as a number of them were damaged by the fast moving flood waters and large ice flows. The water has now receeded to an almost "normal" spring level, but I will post pictures early next week to give you an idea of how high the creek rose and just how much water spilled over its banks. It was definitely more water than I have ever seen the Bosshill Creek try to push through at once. Hopefully that is the end to the rising waters for us, and also to those affected by water levels throughout Manitoba.

See you on the course soon!